Healthy Grocery Stores In Denver

Natural Grocers

Multiple locations in Colorado and several other states

I am starting with my go-to grocery store. There are several locations all over Denver and just about every area of Colorado. Everything at Natural Grocers is organic, which makes shopping healthily very easy. Every location is relatively small, and so it’s always a stress-free shopping experience. It has an extensive supplement section, bulk flour and seeds, healthy cookbooks, and a small packaged meal section. Most products are eco-friendly and sustainable as well. Some of my favorite things they carry are Honey Mama’s chocolate, Organic Girl lettuce, all of the organic produce literally everything, I love it. It’s also a bagless store! You can either bring your own, buy a reusable bag, or grab a card box from the bin by the registers.

Leever’s Locavore

2630 W. 38th Ave., Denver

This place is super, super cool. Only one location settled in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood; it has a 50s vibe with a modern twist. It’s got everything you’d ever need: local produce, a butcher, a sushi counter, pre-made salads and dips, take-out dine pizza, and beer. But also all of your grocery and household needs. It carries local Denver coffees, which makes it super unique, in my opinion. In addition, you can find local kombucha, beer, and other local food brands. It’s got quality herbs, supplements, and natural beauty care as well. And like I said, with the 50s vibe of the exterior, they even play old-school music in there as well. It’s a quality, exciting local grocery store.

Marczyk Fine Foods

770 E. 17th Ave. and 5100 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Marczyk Fine Foods is the staple neighborhood market in Denver, with locations on 17th and East Colfax. It specializes in quality meats and seafood through its butcher counter. It also has a sandwich counter and a ton of in-house dips, roasted garlic, and specialties like chicken salad, southwest bean salad, pre-made sandwiches, and lots more. Also, they have a vast beer and wine section. One of the best aspects is their emphasis on local food makers like Bjorn’s Honey, Dar Chocolate, Copper Door Coffee, Sweet Action Ice Cream, and tons of local produce. It’s a great place to stop in and buy ingredients for a fancy dinner and don’t forget the wine (or kombucha if you don’t drink) and dessert.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Multiple locations in Colorado and several other states

Sprouts is a top grocery store in Colorado; it’s a relatively big store and a healthier alternative to King Soopers. It has an extensive bakery selection, pre-made meals, butcher, and sushi counter. It has a giant bulk candy and nut section, which is pretty cool. The produce section is about half organic, half not, so you’ll have to check the labels and signs. Its packaged food section is all pretty healthy. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, paleo, it has options for everyone. It has bulk coffee, eco-friendly household products, lots of CBD-infused products, and a supplement and clean beauty section. Sprouts is my second go-to after Natural Grocers.

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