Preview the book here: Highway Child

After I graduated college in 2015, I went along with my boyfriend, Scott, and his former band Insubordination on their “Quit Your Life Tour.” He came up with the idea about a year before and mapped out a route across the whole country and parts of Canada and Mexico, which would span five months. He had bought an old Ford Clubwagon, and all the band members were down to cruise the country. He set a date for June 2015 because it would be right after the drummer, Christian, graduated college, and I. I went along to help sell merchandise (T-shirts, C.D.s, etc.) to help everything go smoothly and see the country.

Since I was already a seasoned traveler and had just gotten out of an internship where I was doing tons of writing, I decided to make a travel blog for the trip. It took me a while to figure out a name, but I listened to Pandora one day while at the gym when I heard Jimi Hendrix’s song “Highway Chile.” The song is about a young guy living life on the road, so it seemed like ‘Highway Child’ would be the perfect name for my blog.

​We were in a different city every day, and I documented it all in a travel blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram and translated it into a book. It was one of the best times of my life, if not the best. The book is a snapshot of all the things we saw, the crazy nights, the people we met, the good times, and the bad times — I think it’s pretty darn cool.