My number one concern in this world, is climate change. For some people it’s alleviating homelessness, fighting for higher wages — but I feel a strong duty on doing what I can to help the climate crisis the world is currently in and will forever be in if we don’t change our ways — now. We’ve got micro plastics in our water supply, glaciers are melting and the list goes on. Here’s a little bit of how I try to do my part:

-On behalf of Eco-Cycle, I voiced my concerns about Denver’s low rate of recycling and composting at Denver’s City Council, 08/19/19. See video here.

-I also run the Facebook page for Earth Guardians Denver.

-I will be voting and canvassing for Bernie Sanders because he is going to help radically change our energy system to solar and do everything he can to help lower C02 levels in our country.


Me to the right, with George Washington greeting the townsfolk and I. Series Finale 08/12/17

I hail from Richmond, Virginia, and in 2013, I found out a TV show was going to film outside of the city with the lead being Jamie Bell, aka ‘Billy Elliott’. The movie Billy Elliott was a film about a young boy growing up in a mining town in England during the ’80s. He lived with his father and brother  his mother was dead. His Dad worked in mining, but at the time, most of the miners were on strike, so it was hard times. The boy, Billy Elliott’s after school activity is boxing but he finds himself more fascinated in the ballet going on in the room next to him. The movie follows the taboo of this young boy, and his father and brother finally accepting his love of dance after seeing how gifted he is at it. I loved it when it came out.

​When I saw that Bell was going to star in this new show, I didn’t think twice before applying to be an extra. Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of being an actress, yet I’ve always been too shy to do anything about it. When I applied back in 2013, I never heard anything back. But I decided to try again for the filming of the third season in 2016, and I got a call! I ended up working on two episodes. Then again in 2017, I worked on three episodes for their fourth and final season. 

​It was a great experience. It was so cool seeing how everything gets filmed and how it all works. I wore 1700’s attire that was sort of uncomfortable, but it was exciting. One day on set, I stood for so long in heels on the grass that I ended up getting a few large bruises on my thigh. 

I hope to be an extra again, and maybe one day a real speaking role. If not, it’s just fun to do. (Btw, I got Bell’s autograph on the last day of filming ).


In 2011, I stayed in London for a few months with my aunt and uncle, nannying my cousins. My sister and I heard Kirsten Dunst was in town and would be at the premiere of her new movie Melancholia. We got there early so we could see her. I didn’t bring anything for her to sign (mistake) but she got pretty close to my face. She is one of my icons. She is a natural beauty, and has such a unique acting style and personality. Roles I love of hers: The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, and her character on the second season of Fargo.

This also happened during my stay in London. My sister and I were watching our cousins, while my aunt and uncle were out and about. We were sharing a cell phone at the time — she was on it when she told me she got a text from them saying that they spotted Gwen Stefani and followed her into a cafe. I told my sister ‘Sorry’ and I jetted out the door — leaving her to stay with the girls. I ran as fast as I could about a mile or two away to where they were. I went in and nonchalantly stared at her for a minute. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her that I love her music and that she’s awesome. She was really nice, said thank you and that it was nice meeting me. I shed a happy tear when we left.

Also in London, I went to the big department store there, Harrod’s where Vera Wang was promoting her new fragrance and signing autographs. The celebrity endorser of the perfume ‘Lovestruck,’ Leighton Meester, was there as well. I had watched the whole series of Gossip Girl which she stars in as the ultimate rich bitch Blair Waldorf, so I figured it would be cool to see her in person. I stood in line, bought the £35 perfume, so I could get both of their autographs. The perfume was really nice and lasted me a few years.

For you Vanderpump Rules fans, I had question answered on Facebook Live.

Other notable encounters without photos:
1) I was on the Today Show when I was seven with my whole family and we talked with Katie Couric and Al Roker. My sister Amy was holding up a sign ‘Ask me to do the Austin Powers dance!’ (the movie had just come out). Al Roker asked her to do the dance and she did.
2) I got Chris Brown‘s autograph at the American Family gym in my hometown of Mechanicsville, VA — he’s from Tappahannock not too far away. My friend Kirsten and I were working out our legs downstairs when she said “Look! It’s Chris Brown,” and we saw him walking our way. We asked for his autograph and he gave us both one. 
3) I spotted Jamie Bell (off the set of TURN) with his famous wife, Kate Mara (loved her in American Horror Story Season 1) at my favorite coffee shop in Richmond, VA — Lamplighter Coffee.
6) When I worked on TURN, other notable actors besides Bell were Kevin McNally whom has been in every Pirates of the Carribean movie playing a pirate, dude with the short gray hair…you know who I’m talkin’ bout’. One of the episodes I filmed on, Andrew McCarthy who plays the love interest of Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink, was directing because it was the season finale and it had to be epic.